Tantra Gathering couple
Tantra Gathering couple

Code of conduct

1. Responsibility
As a participant I take full responsibility for my own body, physical/mental boundaries, actions and mistakes. I am fully capable of setting clear boundaries for myself and will not cross boundaries set by others.

2. Non-violence
As a participant I will communicate and act in a non-violent way and will hold anyone accountable when they inflict attitudes/desires on me or others.

3. Reflection
As a participant I will look at my own tensions, irritations and criticisms and ways to resolve them with help from healers, friends and guides before acting them out onto others.

4. Resolution
As a participant I will make strong effort to resolve disputes with the help from friend(s), mediators or professional guides to resolve disputes, preferably before the end of the event.

5. Communication
As a participant I will not indulge in gossip talk, demean others or myself. I will speak clear and honest in my communication and listen with an open-hearted mindset.

6. Support
As a participant I will ask for support from others when needed or when I become emotional/physical/mentally unstable. I will be open to receive support when I am experiencing difficulties.

7. Conscious actions
As a participant I aspire to bring consciousness into my actions and give my loving support to those in need. I will inflict no damage to my surroundings, nature, animals or people.

8. Personal development
As a participant I aspire in becoming more aware of my personality treats, behaviors patterns, attitudes and unconscious behavior. I am willing to look and change them, to prevent causing harm to myself or others.

9. Respect
As a participant I will show respect and care for myself and others with their differences in views, origins, gender, sexual orientation, backgrounds, issues and property. I will be respectful within the space of others.

10. Honoring guidelines
As a participant I am obligated to follow the instructions and guidelines presented here and by the management of the organization. I will not break or evade any laws, rules or guidelines set by Tantra Gathering.

Event Guidelines

As a pariticpant you are required to be aware of the guidelines/rules below. By entering the Tantra Gathering (TG) event area, you automatically agree to these set of rules. In case you have questions, doubts or comments, please get in contact with the Tantra Festival organization

1. One day visit
Day visits are not possible, we encourage participation of the full length of the event.

2. Ticket
To get access to the event, you need to have a valid entry ticket. Tickets are available through this website. Each purchased ticket has a unique code and can not be copied.

3. Age
Only adults from the age of 18 and above are allowed.

4. Youth
We offer a special price for the youth from age 26 or below. We do ask to show your ID at the reception of the event to confirm your age.

5. Safe space
We do everything within our power to make everybody comfortable and feel safe. Still everybody has the responsibility of themselves for his or her own well being. Please contact our space keepers in case there are questions about safety. They can be recognized throughout the event.

6. Cancellation Policy
Your ticket is non-refundable. However, you can sell your ticket to someone else. Please notify us through email, so we can change the ticket holder in our database. If you have more ticket questions, please contact order@lovingevents.nl

7. Drugs
Alcohol and (soft) drugs are not permitted on the events. We tend to create a safe environment with optimal conditions for inner growth. It is also not permitted to be under influence of alcohol or drugs while being at the event. In case you are intoxicated or under influence, your access to the event will be denied or you will be escorted outside by our management.

8. Health
When you have a syndrome that might increase by the open trans-formative activities of the event. Please inform us at forehand, so we are aware of your well being and can also acknowledge the safety of other participants. There is a team of healers that can be inquired if needed.

9. Nudity
There will be nudity on the event. Only during certain workshop is full nudity allowed.  We ask everyone to cover sexual body parts during dinnertimes of the event.

10. Sexual interactions
During the event, there can be workshops with sexual energy. You are always free not to partake in this, at any given moment. There are no workshops with intercourse or sexual exchange of body fluids.

11. Silence
We have silent areas at certain times, please be aware of them. During Ecstatic Dance there is no talking.

12. Drinks
Please bring an empty bottle, due to dehydration your health my decline. Therefor we kindly ask everybody to drink often. Water and tea is free when the the Club Lite bar is closed.

13. Smoking
There is a special smoking area at the event, that is the only place where you may smoke. There is no tobacco sale on the event.

14. Recordings
At the event area there can be video and photo camera's present, they are part of our event Promotions and make photo's, video and audio recordings for promoting the Tantra event through different media types. The times that camera's might be present will be clearly displayed by forehand on the program board. In case you have objections being photographed or recorded in some way. Please notify this with our camera people. Also in case you still see yourself in a recognizable way, we will do our best to remove you from our media platforms.
For privacy reasons it is not allowed the use of your own photo-camera/telephone-camera during the event. There can be specific photo opportunities where you are allowed to make photographs, this will be presented on the program board.

15. Image rights
By participating and entering the Tantra event area. You agree that the Tantra Gathering may use images including video and audio recordings of you through various social media channels. Incase you do not give consent for this, we will not use or stop using those images/recordings.

16. Valuable stuff
During the event the wardrobe will be open available. Visitors themselves are responsible for their own stuff. The organization can not be held responsible for theft, damage or the disappearance of belongings. The organization advises not to bring high valuable belongings to the event.

17. Leave at home
Soft-drugs, hard-drugs, children, pets, (alcohol)drinks (liqueur), glass-works, (plastic) bottles, cans, paint cans, flares, professional photo-, video-, audio-,  equipment.

18. Own risk
Accessing the Tantra event area, you agree to be responsible for yourself (body and mind). The organization and fellow contributors (teachers) can not be held accountable for any material or physical damage that might (have) occurred during or after the event.

19. Boundaries
Tantra Gathering organizers and helpers safeguard the space of the event. If we feel that boundaries have been crossed, you may be removed from the event area. We kindly ask for your cooperation in this.

20. Data policy
When registering and subscribing to our event, you give consent to our Personal Data Policy: you are required to share your personal information with us: name, address, date of birth, phone-number, email, nationality, gender, medication and health information. So we are able to give you the best service, care and safety we can.

21. Other
In other situations where these guidelines/rules are not suitable, the organization may decide what would be the proper action. These decision's are binding.
When our guidelines are not being administered or respected, this will result in being removed from the event and access to the event area will be denied.


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