Alchemy of Life

A three day tantric journey and discovery
Friday 19 - 21 juli 2024

Workshops Concerts Dance Healing
Cacao Ceremony Temple Night

We present leading and inspiring Tantra teachers. To learn and explore together. In order to bring more love, awareness and connection into daily life.

It is essential to remind ourselves what life is really about and acknowledge this together. By healing ourselves within and connecting with one another this field will become stronger each day.

Tantra Festival Amsterdam

Let tantra enrich your life! It expands consciousness and brings color in your life. This ancient teaching helps you connect with yourself and others. No matter what your experience is with tantra, this festival will give new insights and liveliness to your life. We provide a safe space with experienced teachers and a loving atmosphere. This festival is for curious beginners as well as experienced tantrica's. It is up to you how you wish to move through these amazing days.



The Festival

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

A chance to explore real connection. By creaing a safe space for meditation, healing and tools for relating, we dive deeper in ourselves. Through the other we meet ourself and when we dare to be open en vulneratble, new possibilities emerge to become whole and enriched with love.

Three day to explore, practise and integrate. To have new tools to implement in your daily life and get the benefits that tantra has to offer.

The Party

Saturday evening

The Temple is a special place for you to dive deeper into the Temple Arts. Dresscode required for the Temple. How would you express your authenticity through your evening wear? What represents the fullest expression of YOU?

There will be a lot of emphasis on creating a safe space.

To make sure this evening is accessible for everyone, we have made the choice to keep underpants on. There is so much more possible than the “preconceived ideas about how sensuality should look like”. This is your opportunity to expand your range of Eros.

TFA Tickets

includes food

Single ticket

  • €395,- Regular ticket
  • €425,- Late ticket (last two weeks)

Couple ticket

  • €750,- Regular ticket
  • €850,- Late ticket (last two week)

Party only ticket

  • €35,- Single ticket
  • €65,- Couple ticket



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